Does Jesus care for me?

To many people, faith is a self-help program wrapped up in religious terms. Their motto is whatever works for you. 

To other people, faith is a set of beliefs wrapped up in a doctrinal statement. Their motto is whatever is true for all.

Often those two groups don’t get along well together. In the ensuing scrum, some hard questions arise for those who would rule the top of the proverbial sandlot mountain: Why does God seem to care for some people more than others? Why are some people “healed” and others not? Why are some people “blessed” and others not?

If we’re going to get to know Jesus—the real Jesus, not some trumped up version of Jesus—one question digs at those apparent contradictions. It’s intimate and personal: Does Jesus really care for me?

“My private world is falling apart. My faith doesn’t seem to work. Does Jesus care for me?”

“I don’t agree with what some Christians say is true. But I’m willing to look Jesus over. Does He care for me?”

“Jesus may have helped other people. What about me? Does Jesus really care about me?”

Let’s investigate Mark’s gospel this Sunday. We’ll be unpacking Mark 7:31-37 and 8:22-26.