Studies in the Gospel of Mark: Resurrection

The sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross is the focal point of the Gospel of Mark. Jesus came as the consummate servant “to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45). Indeed the cross of Christ is core of the metanarrative (big story) of the entire New Testament.

But the cross is not the end of the story. It’s not even the climax. The greatest reversal theme of all history is the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on what we now know as Easter Sunday. Death, which is final and utterly irreversible to all human experience and reason, has been defeated and swallowed up by life in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death is reverted to life. Despair is changed to hope. Night is turned back to day. The triumph of evil is toppled by an even greater triumph of good.

The reliability of our faith hinges on the unparalleled events of the third day following the crucifixion. Fortunately, the events of that day are attested by four separate writers, making Easter Sunday the most documented eye-witness event in all ancient history. It’s not even close.

The Gospel accounts of the Easter story are messy. The resurrection of Jesus is not a neat and tidy story. But the disarray may be a sign of authenticity. Let’s look at it tomorrow at New Life!