The Changing Times

I grew up in the analog age. “Digital” meant counting your fingers and toes, not computing ones and zeroes. I was late in the game to get a computer and very late with a cell phone. I was one of the last ones to do email. Only a few years ago I scoffed at the idea of a tablet with a screen that was also a keyboard.

Not anymore. It’s the way people communicate now. There are no keyboards. Times have changed. Now even email often doesn’t connect with the people I need to reach. It’s time for me to change.

I’m still behind the times, but I’m trying to catch up. A few months ago one of my sons got me a smart phone on his plan. Unfortunately we can barely get a signal with that company’s tower. It’s not reliable in this part of the state. So I mostly use my reliable old “dumb” phone for  phone calls. It’s reliable because it connects with a tower just a couple hundred yards from our house. I wish the new phone could work with that tower, but it doesn’t. So far I’ve been too stubborn to dish out the big bucks for a plan on our local tower. It seemed like a waste. Maybe it’s not.

I still don’t have a Facebook account. I still don’t know how to tweet. But just a few minutes ago, for the first time ever, I initiated a group text message to the church. Already there have been three responses. That’s huge. In the past I’ve often sent emails asking for a response, but hear little back. It makes sense. Many people now go days without looking at email, especially at a desk.

I’ve been out of touch with the changing times for too long. If I still have 10 or 15 ministry years left, I have to do whatever is necessary to connect with people. That raises a scary question, “What else must I change to keep up with the changing times?”

Oh, no! Is it really Facebook time? Or is that dated, too, already?