All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16

Brenda arrived from Wyoming four hours ago. She is the one closest to Darrell in both age and relationship. Now all four siblings are together in the room. It may be the last time.

Brenda greeted Darrell warmly. No response. He has hung on five days since food and water stopped.

“You’re a fighter, you know?” she said to him.

Darrell is a fighter. But the game is fixed. God has determined every breath we take. It’s not fatalism. It’s ordained. Every moment has a divine purpose.

I can see grace abounding here. Darrell did not prepare well for eternity. He did not pursue God. But God has pursued him. The chase is nearly over. It’s out of our hands. I still don’t have assurance  of Darrell’s response to the Gospel. But I do have assurance in the One who created him and ordained every day of his life.

The doctor just examined Darrell. He said Darrell is a resilient guy. It could be hours to days until his death.

The time of Darrell’s death will not be an accident of nature or the exhaustion of his strength to fight for life. It will be the determination of his loving and wise Creator.