Celebrities vs. Heroes

The social media is filled with lavish reports about the amazing accomplishments of political, sports and media celebrities. Some of these are even celebrated in song.

The Magnificat (Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-55) celebrates amazing accomplishments. But it’s not about what celebrities are doing. It’s about what the Lord has done. God is Mary’s hero, not a celebrity! He has worked redemption: scattering the proud, bringing down rulers from their thrones, lifting up the humble, filling the hungry with good things, and remembering his covenant with his people. That’s the stuff of heroes.

Celebrities usually possess a desirable talent or quality such as beauty, wealth or strength, but it’s an attraction people can’t reproduce. As the world heaps praise on celebrities, they often become privileged takers rather than givers. Celebrities show up late and receive our adulation. They entertain us.

The world is full of celebrities, but we need heroes today. Heroes possess a rare skill or ability, but unlike celebrities, heroes have a quality we can follow and reproduce, such as courage, perseverance or kindness. True heroes are givers rather than takers. Heroes often are overlooked and under rewarded. If praise does come to a hero, it makes him or her more humble, not privileged. Heroes show up early and give a sacrifice of service. They inspire us. 

The Magnificat celebrates what Mary’s Hero has done – a recitation of powerful redemption, the qualities of God. Just what we need!